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Download Magic Diamonds – Best of Rock, Ballads & Rare Treasures by Doro

  • Genres: Metal, Music, Rock
  • Labels: Doro
  • Date: 2020-11-13
  • # of Tracks: 56
  • Album Duration: 52:52

Free Listen

PlayAll We Are (‘The Fight‘ Version) by Doro (03:01) – Doro

PlayThunderspell by Doro (04:39) – Doro

PlayBurn It Up by Doro (02:46) – Doro

PlayI Adore You by Doro (03:19) – Doro

PlayDescent (feat. Pete Steele) by Doro (04:02) – Doro

PlayYou‘re My Family by Doro (04:14) – Doro

PlayKiss Me Like a Cobra by Doro (03:18) – Doro

PlayHaunted Heart by Doro (05:14) – Doro

PlayRaise Your Fist in the Air (Live Version) by Doro (03:12) – Doro

PlayNow or Never (feat. Slash) by Doro (03:51) – Doro

PlayThe Night of the Warlock by Doro (05:40) – Doro

PlayI Rule the Ruins (Classic Night Orchestra Version) by Doro (04:02) – Doro

PlayFight by Doro (04:09) – Doro

PlayAlways Live to Win by Doro (03:01) – Doro

PlayBreaking the Law (feat. Udo Dirkschneider) by Doro (04:22) – Doro

PlayRevenge (Live Version) by Doro (04:38) – Doro

PlayIch will Alles by Doro (02:25) – Doro

PlaySalvaje by Doro (02:48) – Doro

PlayDedication (I Give My Blood) by Doro (03:54) – Doro

PlayGrab the Bull (Last Man Standing) (First Draft) by Doro (04:56) – Doro

PlayFür Immer (Classic Night Orchestra Version) by Doro (04:34) – Doro

PlayAbove the Ashes by Doro (04:17) – Doro

PlayLove Me in Black (2020 Version) by Doro (04:48) – Doro

PlayScarred by Doro (04:39) – Doro

PlayRare Diamond (Live Version) by Doro (03:40) – Doro

PlayMake Time for Love (Live Version) by Doro (05:25) – Doro

PlayTausend Mal gelebt (Live Version) by Doro (04:40) – Doro

PlayFall for Me Again (Live Version) by Doro (04:33) – Doro

PlayGive Me a Reason by Doro (04:19) – Doro

PlayLove Me Forever (feat. Lemmy Kilmister) by Doro (05:16) – Doro

PlayAngel In the Dark by Doro (04:15) – Doro

PlayWalking with the Angels (feat. Tarja Turunen) by Doro (04:54) – Doro

PlayBeyond the Trees (2020 Version) by Doro (02:45) – Doro

PlayHerzblut by Doro (04:38) – Doro

PlayUndying (Live Unplugged) by Doro (03:18) – Doro

PlayConstant Danger (Live Unplugged) by Doro (03:01) – Doro

PlayPrisoner of Love (NYC Version) by Doro (04:02) – Doro

PlayWarrior Soul by Doro (04:40) – Doro

PlayThe Queen by Doro (03:36) – Doro

PlayMetal Tango (Classic Night Orchestra Version) by Doro (03:58) – Doro

PlayI Rule the Ruins (Live Version) by Doro (05:04) – Doro

PlayHellbound (Live Version) by Doro (03:04) – Doro

PlayEven Angels Cry (Live Version) by Doro (04:32) – Doro

PlayThe Fortuneteller (Live Version) by Doro (05:09) – Doro

PlaySave My Soul (Live Version) by Doro (03:43) – Doro

PlayEgypt (The Chains Are On) by Doro (06:10) – Doro

PlayShe‘s Like Thunder by Doro (03:51) – Doro

PlayBad Blood (feat. Blaze Bayley) (Live Version) by Doro (03:29) – Doro

PlayWhenever I Think of You (Live Version) by Doro (04:36) – Doro

PlayMy Majesty (Live Version) by Doro (04:24) – Doro

PlayHellraiser (Live Version) by Doro (04:22) – Doro

PlayAlles ist gut (Live Version) by Doro (04:00) – Doro

PlayLet Love Rain on Me (Live Version) by Doro (03:54) – Doro

PlayChained by Doro (04:16) – Doro

PlayBlack Rose by Doro (03:42) – Doro

PlayNothing Else Matters by Doro (05:47) – Doro

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